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Studentenwerk Augsburg

Studentenwerk Augsburg

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About us

Studentenwerk Augsburg

The Studentenwerk Augsburg is a student service organization and a corporate entity in its own right . It was established in 1973 - three years after the foundation of the University of Augsburg.

All the Studentenwerks draw on the philosophy of the student support organizations established in Germany after World War I, the aim of which was to facilitate studies of students with a low financial backing. According to this philosophy, it is not only the curriculum which determines the success of one's studies. The social and material conditions of the students are equally critical—they determine whether students can sufficiently concentrate on their studies or not.

In accordance with this philosophy, the Studentenwerk Augsburg perceives itself as a modern student service organization, the task of which is to facilitate social development of about 30.000 Students of the University of Augsburg, the Universities of Applied Sciences in Augsburg, Kempten and Neu-Ulm.

The yearly turnover of the Studentenwerk Augsburg amounts to € 35 Million and it employs around 160 persons. It runs five dining-halls , seven cafeterias and four Coffee-Bars, offers convenient catering services to students and university employees. The Studentenwerk Augsburg provides affordable accommodation to students in 1.900 appartments (primarily single ones) in six different student halls. It also processes applications for financial aid provided for in the Federal Education and Training Assistance Act (Bafög).

These services of the Studentenwerk are completed with the provision of short-term and long-term loans to students who found themselves in a difficult life situation, psychological counselling and social and legal guidance. The daycare center for approx. 80 children aged 1-3 run by the Studentenwerk Augsburg enables students to combine their study with parenthood.

Providing these services, the Studentenwerk Augsburg helps considerably to put the equality of opportunities in practice and to improve the life situation of students. The Studentenwerk makes it possible for students to complete their studies without interruption.

Despite the worsening financial backing, in the future, the Studentenwerk Augsburg is not going to concentrate only on keeping the service standards but also on enlarging the offer of services in some areas according to the needs of the students - e.g. by developing the so-called "mentor program" aimed at the integration of foreign students or by supporting student cultural activities by enabling them to participate in a culture project called "Campuskunst" and "Cafotoria".

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